our story

Hi lovelies!

My name is Cait & I am the girl who runs esther theresa!! Not long ago, I was confused about my career journey and randomly started selling clothes from my closet on my Instagram story. Little did I know at that moment this would become my future.


Fast forward to January of 2019. I decided to go full time and put all my efforts into sustainable fashion & living. The original name I chose was galpalthreads because I wanted to curate whimsical outfits at affordable prices for all of my galpals. 

esther theresa was born out of my desire to spread joy & light to all by shopping secondhand. we were created in love to love others & love this planet. by honoring mother earth, we are honoring each other. 


Our Social Responsibility Policies:

Honoring Mother Earth: At esther theresa, we reuse all shipping supplies including tissue paper, boxes, polymailers & bubble wrap. All clear polymailers are recyclable and can be reused. Additionally, we do our best to reduce waste by sourcing vintage and secondhand items.