My Favorite Small Businesses You Need to Support (trust me, you'll love them!)

Hi friends! Caitlin here!! If you don't know me well, I tend to shop only from small businesses and specifically ones where I have formed a friendship with the owners. It is really important to get to know business owners and support them on various fronts and one of the best ways is to buy their products, post them to your socials and wear them all the time!! 

I also want to add I shop from small businesses where there is usually only one employee and that employee is the owner and maker. I prefer shopping handmade goods over businesses like boutiques which sell wholesale products. Usually, when people make handmade goods, they have more control over their impact on the environment and how they plan to give back. In big corporations, this is called corporate social responsibility and they usually have pages on their website dedicated to how they give back. In my Etsy shop and on my website, I include my social responsibility policy and I highly encourage you to research all the small and big businesses you support to see how they are either honoring mother earth or supporting others with their work. I love supporting the tiny businesses because most makers have a beautiful story for how they began and their why. Almost everyone has a passion and that passion turns into a full time job, part time job, side hustle, extra income and most importantly, a way to express their souls and their creative sides. 


@eastriver.smith My girl, she makes some of the best dainty but statement silver rings and earrings! I feature her on my instagram accounts all the time!

@thirdhandsilversmith Another amazing silver smith! She made my wedding earrings and has these super cute crescent moon rings right now!!

@papillonhandcrafted I met her through a Wild Roots market and she inspires me daily to go on adventures. She has beautiful sets of tiny silver hand crafted earrings that I love and a bunch of necklaces inspired by the national parks!

Accessories and Decor

@malmakesmagic Mallory is the most positive person I know and creates the cutest rainbow wall hangings and Mickey ears!!

@imradicallyjess She made my macrame wedding bouquet wrap and is super helpful when it comes to learning about macrame and starting my etsy shop!!

@loschydesigns Melissa is the sweetest and makes epic metal and stone tiaras and crowns for all of us bohemian and grungey brides. 

@muddyheart I have fallen in love with all their ceramic products and am inspired by their work!

@bluejaymade One of my biggest inspirations for starting my wall weaving part of my business! Her pieces are so precious!


@nomadic.threads One of my dear Cleveland thrift business friends! She curates amazing drops of vintage clothing and super trendy clay earrings as well!

Weaving Supplies

 @goatandshepherdmohair This is where I get some of my chunky yarns, roving, ribbon and mohair yarn!

@unfetteredco This is where I get the best quality of recycled sari ribbon for my wall hangings. They usually have a buy 4 get one free promo on their etsy shop!

@knittyvet I love love her botanically dyed super bulky yarn! 

@candyandike I order all my wooden dowels for wall hangings from their etsy shop!

@niromastudio One of the best quality of wool roving and macrame cords.

@fiberhuis If you want a high quality nail loom, they hand make the best ones!


@klnutrition I have been working with Kate for almost two months now and she has helped me a lot with giving myself grace within my fitness life and learning to be okay with eating more food to best fuel my body. She works with you one on one to meet your wellness goals!

Clay Supplies

@truvioletshop I get my quirky and fun clay cutters from this shop!

@threedgeek I have so many clay cutters from here as well! They cut well and are super high quality.

@polymerclayexpress This is one of the best shops to get new and well conditioned clay that is not crumbly! 

@honeyplumhum This is where I get my macrame rings for my clay wall hangings!

@imagineacookie I regularly shop here for clay cutters because they offer so many different sizes and options!

@creatingunkamen The best place to go for titanium earring posts and backs as well as titanium dangle earring wire!


@lizrudman Liz is the most supportive human and amazing wedding photographer! She has been helping me navigate the challenges of being a corona bride and I love her so much!!

@sarabethy Sara is an incredible fashion photographer! She took photos of my entire first collection drop in 2019!

@piecesandpart My girl Emily is my maid of honor and the one who took our epic proposal photos!!


@johnwstambaugh My wedding photographer's amazing husband and has a jesus loving kind soul!


I want this to be an interactive post, so drop your favorite small businesses to shop from in the comments!!! Be sure to follow all these amazing people and give their businesses a shout out <3


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